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The Phone Call… A Trans Story.

Phone Call

As a transwoman, I have always struggled with my voice. Every time I spoke, I was reminded that my voice didn’t match who I was on the inside. It was a constant source of dysphoria and anxiety. I would avoid talking on the phone at all costs, even if it meant missing out on opportunities.

But that all changed when I started taking gender affirming voice lessons. At first, the thought of taking lessons was daunting. I was afraid of sounding silly or making mistakes. But as soon as I started my first session, I knew that it was the right decision.

My voice coach was understanding and supportive. They listened to my concerns and tailored the lessons to my needs. We started with the basics, like breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups. It was challenging at first, but with practice, I started to see progress.

Over time, my voice started to shift. It was subtle at first, but as I gained confidence and practiced more, I noticed a significant difference. I no longer cringed when I heard myself speak. Instead, I felt empowered and validated.

Despite my progress, I still felt nervous about talking on the phone. It was one thing to practice with my voice coach or speak with friends and family, but it was another thing entirely to speak with strangers. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to maintain my new voice or that I would slip back into old habits.

But then an opportunity presented itself. I had been job hunting for months, and finally, I received a call from a potential employer. My heart raced as I answered the phone, but I took a deep breath and spoke confidently. To my surprise, the interviewer didn’t question my voice or make any negative comments. They were solely interested in my qualifications and experience.

That call was a turning point for me. It gave me the confidence to start making phone calls without fear. I started calling friends, making appointments, and even ordering takeout over the phone. Each time, I felt more comfortable and confident in my voice.

One of the most significant moments for me was when I called my parents. We had a strained relationship, and I had been avoiding phone calls with them for months. But after my gender affirming voice lessons, I felt ready to face them. I dialed their number and took a deep breath. When my mother answered the phone, I spoke confidently and clearly. She didn’t even mention my voice, and we had a pleasant conversation.

It was a small victory, but it meant the world to me. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was being seen and heard as my true self. I no longer felt ashamed or embarrassed by my voice.

Taking gender affirming voice lessons was one of the best decisions I ever made. It allowed me to overcome my fear of speaking on the phone and gave me the confidence to speak up in all aspects of my life. I am grateful for my voice coach and for the supportive community of trans individuals who have helped me on my journey. While I still face challenges and struggles, I know that my voice is a powerful tool, and I am proud to use it to speak my truth.

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Emiko Lee, Writer

Emiko (Emi for short) loves to write about issues in gender. She researches and writes stories and guides the support, uplift and share trans voices and trans lives. She has 2 ferrets (Wilbur and Lulu) who make her days wonderful and horrible, and loves coffee more than water!
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